Saturday, March 28, 2015

Givenchy Le Rouge À Porter #205 Violine Inspiration | Review

Hi lovelies! I have an exciting review for you! The Givenchy Le Rouge À Porter. It's a fairly new product and I looked for some reviews but I couldn't find much. So I went to Ici Paris XL and found my perfect shade #205 Violine Inspiration. The price is €32.45 but I got a discount and ended up paying about €25.

Le Rouge À Porter promises to be more hydrating, like a balm. I expected a formula like the Chanel Rouge Coco shines. As you can see the packaging is stunning. Very elegant and luxurious with the black, real leather case. It is similar to the normal Le Rouge but longer and thinner. I only have a limited edition Le Rouge to compare the size. I wasn't really a fan of the formula so I didn't buy more.

The packaging says Flush For Lips and that's the perfect way to describe this lipstick. The colour looks very intense in the tube but that's not how it will look on your lips. As you can see on the photo above, the colour is buildable though. Left is just one swipe and right is a couple of swipes.

To be honest, I'm not super impressed by this lipstick. I'm happy about the colour and I like that it can be applied as a 'flush' or more intense. It feels comfortable on my lips but I like the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines more. This lipstick is hydrating and creamy but not for long. The balmy effect goes into my  lips after a few minutes, leaving them just stained. And even though it doesn't feel uncomfortable, I like to really feel the balmy effect.

I think this is a nice lipstick for daily use but I reapplied it a couple of times during the day to keep the balmy feeling. If you don't reapply, it lasts about 4 hours. After a drink or a snack you will definitely need to reapply.

Maybe this review is getting a bit confusing haha. If you're in doubt about buying it, I think you should. It is a very nice lipstick that comes in nice shades. And I'm really thinking about buying a nude shade because these lipsticks are a good everyday lippie to have in your bag. I love the packaging and the colour intensity and that you can build the intensity. They just need to improve the formula a bit.

Also, if you use this lipstick multiple times per day it will be empty before you know it I think. It contains 2.2g but because I apply multiple layers, multiple times a day it will be gone before I realize it haha.

I hope this review was a bit helpful. If you bought one (or more) too, let me know your impressions!

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Joy Of Coconut Oil

Hi lovelies! In the beautyworld people often go on and on about the benefits of coconut oil. Eventhough coconut oil can be used for many things, I had never used it. After reading all these exciting articles, I decided to try it out. After using it for a couple of months, I have to say, I love it! I use it for my hair and skin but it can be used for a lot of other things like cooking. If you use it for skin and hair, make sure it's 100% pure coconut oil. Read on to see how I use it and why I love it.

As you may already know, my hair is really damaged because I dye it a lot. That's why I decided to try coconut oil as a hairmask. Coconut oil normally isn't liquid, it only melts at about 25°C. So I just take a scoop out of the pot and let it melt in my hands. It starts melting immediately because of body heat. Then I just rub it in my hair till it looks all greasy. If you have crazy frizzy curls, you can use coconut oil on a daily basis to tame them, so then you don't have to keep adding oil till your hair looks greasy. Just use it like a normal hair oil. When I have put the oil all over my hair, I just put it in a bun or something and let it be for a couple of hours. 

After a couple of hours I wash my hair. Now this is a bit of a difficult part. You really need to wash your hair thoroughly because otherwise your hair will stay greasy. I have had this a couple of times, my hair stayed greasy for days after washing it like 3 times. I don't really know why this happens sometimes and other times not. Maybe it has something to do with the condition of my hair at that time. 

When I do this coconut oil hairmask, I feel like my hair is really nourished. It feels soft and even a bit thicker. Like the oil really went into my hair and nourished it from the inside out. Because it does leave my hair a bit greasy sometimes, I only do this about once every 2 months. 

Sometimes my skin can get really dry and then coconut oil really saves it. I use the oil as a mask, cause it's greasy. I first let it melt in my hands. Then I put it on my face and leave it on for an hour or so. It never fully sinks in, so that's why I always wash my face afterwards. Coconut oil makes my skin feel nourished and soft. When my skin is bad and I'm having some breakouts, the oil also seems to sooth and comfort my skin and the breakouts seem to disappear faster. 

So this is how I use coconut oil! As you may know, there are a lot of other ways to enjoy coconut oil!
How do you use coconut oil? Let me know!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

Moroccanoil Treatment Light | Review

Hi lovelies! I'm the kind of girl that always changes her hair. When I have blonde hair, I wanna have brown hair and when I have brown hair, I wanna have blonde hair. I have been dying my hair since I was about 16. Also, I went a few times from black to blonde and back. So you can imagine all this has damaged my hair. And yes, I'm also very surprised I'm not bald yet haha. But I now notice that my hair is sick of my annoying mind-changing thoughts. It is very dry and when I dye it, the color isn't even anymore.

I'm sure you have heard about the Moroccanoil Treatment before. Almost every beauty blogger loves this product. I have always wanted to try it but the price held me back. But now that my hair is so dry and damaged, I had to take action. I don't wanna cut my hair super short so this seemed like a better solution.

There is an original version and a light version, for fine, lighter colored hair. When I bought this, about 5 months ago, I was still blonde. Now I'm back to having brown hair (last time, I swear haha). Even though this is the light version, it still works perfect for me, but I do have fine hair so. This bottle contains 100ml and was €42,90. I bought it at the website of John Beerens since it's the only way for us Belgians to get this stuff I think.

The oil has a nice texture, a bit thicker than you expect an oil to be. And oh boy, does this smell good. It may sound silly but the scent makes me think of Morocco haha. It is a glass bottle that comes with a pump that you can lock.

I have been using it for 5 months now. I use one pump every day. It doesn't make my hair look oily, it makes it soft and shiny. Sometimes I use it as a 'mask' and then even 2-3 pumps are enough (then my hair does look oily). I have now used a bit more than half of the bottle.

After these 5 months I can say the condition of my hair has seriously improved. My hair looks more nourished and less dry. Without my daily pump of Moroccanoil, my hair just doesn't look right haha. I find this oil to be even more effective when applied to hair that's still a bit wet (after you washed it). I never blowdry my hair, I always dry it a bit with a towel and air does the rest!  Also, I have noticed a lot of new hairs are growing. Because of the damage my hair is breaking off a lot, but it has happened less since I use this.

Overall, this product is really worth it's money to me. Even with daily use, a little bit goes a long way. The products I buy at the drugstore are more of a temporary solution to me. They make my hair feel good but when I wash it again, the effect is gone. At least, that's my experience. Also, the oils you can buy at the drugstore don't last me that long, I always need a lot of product to feel a difference. I think the Moroccanoil Treatment benefits your hair on a short term but definitely on a long term.

Since I enjoy using this product so much, I'm considering to buy the Moroccanoil Restorative Mask. Also quite pricey but maybe also totally worth it!

Thanks for reading through this long post, to me it was really necessary to explain how (bad) I treat my hair.

Have you tried the Moroccanoil Treatment? What do you think about it?

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Lush Eau Roma Water | Review

Hi lovelies! I absolutely love Lush products and every time I have some extra money to spend, I buy some Bubble Bars. The musthaves on my list are The Comforter and Eau Roma Toner Water! I bought this before and I really enjoyed using it. Although it works great, I don't always buy a new one immediately when it's empty. I see it as a treat for my face. Lately I have had some breakouts and my skin has been feeling dry and uncomfortable so I bought a new bottle!

Eau Roma Water is filled with rosewater and lavender to calm your skin. This toner smells mostly like lavender and even though I don't really like lavender, the scent doesn't bother me.

I spray it on a cotton pad (about 3 sprays) but you can also spray it directly on your face. This toner isn't a miracle worker but I do feel it calms down my skin. Also my face feels 'clean' after I use this. My skin does feel a bit tight so I do need a hydrating cream afterwards.

I have a small bottle (100g) and it costs €6,95. I always go for a small bottle and it lasts quite long so it's definitely worth its money.

What's your favourite Lush product?

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