Thursday, January 29, 2015

TOM FORD Lips & Boys 'Pablo' | Review

Lips & Boys collection
€29,00 each
(Left: Indian Rose) 

Hi lovelies! When this Lips & Boys collection from Tom Ford came out, I was really excited to try them. I have 3 lipsticks from Tom Ford and I love how they feel on my mostly dry lips. The Tom Ford lipsticks are quite expensive for €47 each so the Lips & Boys collection is perfect to give the brand a try since they are a bit cheaper.

The lipsticks are named after men that inspired Tom Ford throughout his life. This seems to be a new trend in beautyland, naming lipsticks after people. I like it, but then again, if you really like a lipstick and it has the name of a person you don't like... Not sure if I would still buy it haha!

The Lips & Boys collection has a lot of shades from nudes to bright and even metallic colours. I ordered mine at Parfuma. As you can see on the photo, these lipsticks are smaller than the regular ones. I think it's cute but to be honest, I like the regular size more. I like it when a lipstick feels heavy and luxurious. But these smaller ones are a cute treat for yourself.

I decided to go for Pablo. I thought it would be more purple but it's a bright violet/fuchsia shade. The lipstick feels super smooth and has great colour payoff, just like the regular ones. The colour lasts a good 5 hours without eating but after eating it still leaves a pretty stain.

I would definitely recommend these lipsticks if you want to try Tom Ford lipsticks at a lower price. Do I think they are a musthave? Hm not really. I like big and heavy lipsticks, but that's my personal preference. By the way, the regular Tom Ford lippies are a great investment!

Do you own a Tom Ford lipstick from the Lips & Boys collection? Let me know in the comments!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DIOR Bronze Beautifying Protective Suncare & Monoï Balm | Review

Hi lovelies! Ahh finally another blogpost! I have been on a holiday to Turkey and because I'm so freaking pale, I obviously needed some good suncare products. I decided to spend a bit more money, and I have to say that it was totally worth it!

I decided to try the Dior Bronze range. I bought both products online at Ici Paris XL. The Beautifying Protective Suncare (SPF50) was €29.50 and the Monoï balm (aftersun) was €30.35. I went for a SPF 50 because this sunscreen is for your face and I think your face needs the highest protection. The Aftersun Monoï balm can be used on the face and body. 

The packaging looks fabulous! It looks very luxurious and classy. It's just a simple tube but that worked perfect for me.The sunscreen contains 50 ml of product. I used it multiple times per day during my two weeks in Turkey and there's still product left in the tube. So you definitely get enough product for the price. The aftersun contains 150 ml of product which is a lot, believe me. Just a little bit does a lot!



This sunscreen is called 'beautifying' because it contains subtle light-reflecting pearlescent particles. The photo above doesn't really show it but this sunscreen gives you a very, very subtle golden glow which makes tanned skin look even better.

This sunscreen provides a triple protection! Anti-UVA protection, anti-UVB protection and anti-free radical protection. It also contains something called Tanositol which acts to boost natural melanin synthesis which makes your tan intenser and last longer. And yes, after my holiday my face had a very nice, natural looking tan!


This balm promises to sooth, rehydrate and beautify skin. Well it definitely does! I applied it daily and my skin felt super hydrated and soft. Even though the balm has an orange colour, this doesn't show on the face. I do think it enhances your tan. The sunscreen is very creamy but this balm has more of a lighter texture. Just a bit of product can cover your whole face. So my tube still has a lot of product in it. 


To conclude I also want to say that I will still be using these products here at home. Why? Because they make my skin feel so soft and healthy. Also the scent. Really, I had just opened the box (not yet the tube) and the amazing scent already made me fell in love. According to Dior these products have a special scent, a unique blend of Polynesian Tiare flowers an Kau Pe flowers from the Marquesas Islands. To me it just smells like a holiday on a tropical island!

If you are willing to spend a bit more on your suncare products, I definitely recommend these!

Have you tried these products yet or do you know other great suncare products? Let me know!

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

CHANEL Rouge Allure #91 Séduisante | Review

Hi lovelies! As you may know by now, Chanel is irresistible. Every time I have saved some money I can't resist expanding my Chanel collection. And yes Chanel is expensive but it's totally worth it! In this post I will review the Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Séduisante.

If you own Chanel beauty products, you know their packaging. Super chic and classy. This lipstick has gold packaging and a black holder. It has a click system which is super handy, the lipstick never just falls out.

Séduisante is a light pink. I thought it would look a bit 'Barbie' in combination with my fair skin but it doesn't look like that at all. It's a perfect shade for summer. This lipstick lasts quite long. About 5 hours but you need to touch up after you have something to eat. It can survive a drink. Or two. Or three :)
I have super dry lips so I always used to be scared of lipstick because it can be so drying. I guess that's why I like Chanel lipsticks so much. They are super hydrating even after a couple of hours. The Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks are still my favourite because they are super glossy. But the Rouge Allure lipsticks often look more sophisticated. They apply very smooth and even. You can build up the color intensity with a few more swipes.

So I guess I can say Chanel is still my favourite makeup brand and I will want to keep expanding my collection (sorry not sorry)!

Do you own Rouge Allure lipsticks? Let me know which ones!

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Multi-Colour Powder N°01 | Review

Limited edition
€52.90 at Douglas

Hi lovelies! Ugh, Chanel Les Beiges... Where to start... If you own one of the Les Beiges powders, you'll probably agree that it's an amazing product. I have the Les Beiges powder in N°30 (review here) and it's my holy grail. I use it everyday. It gives your face the perfect touch of colour with a nice glow.

The packaging is gorgeous. That's why I love Chanel so much, great products in beautiful packaging. It looks so luxurious. This powder comes with a small brush that fits inside (a small removable cap protects the powder). Most of the times the brushes included with products disappear somewhere in a drawer but not this one. If I take the powder with me, I put the brush back inside and the powder goes back in the velvet pouch. The only downside is that you also have to keep the plastic cap to protect your powder. The brush is nice for touch ups but at home, I use a kabuki brush to apply this powder.

Swatching this powder is actually a bit useless because you really have to see the effect for yourself once it's applied. It's very subtle. This Les Beiges powder has 3 shades : a powder, a blush and a highlighter. You can use them separate but I like to swipe my brush through all three shades. It gives my face a nice glow and makes my skin look less pale. Just like the other Les Beiges powders, this one has a lovely scent. That typical rose, Chanel scent. You can smell it when you apply the powder but it doesn't really linger.

So again, I have fallen in love with a Chanel product. It's my favourite brand and Les Beiges is my favourite powder. If you want this powder, be quick! It's a limited edition item! This powder also comes in N°02 which is a darker version. For people with pale skin like me, this might be a bit too dark. But maybe great as a bronzer kind of powder.

Let me know if you like Les Beiges as much as I do!

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